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  • Thomas B. Coleman III

    Managing Director, Levant Suez Consulting Corp.

    A Virginia native and the son of a Korean War veteran, Thomas's life began with significant military influences that would prove to have a great affect on his career path. A Marine Cadet from the age of 11, it seemed a natural progression for him to join the United States Marine Corps (USMC) at first opportunity. His years as a cadet quickly paid off; he was one of the 4% out of USMC Boot Camp selected as a Fast Company Operative. The team was hand-selected by superiors to take on intense missions in Honduras and Nicaragua testing the team's ability to acclimate to new environments and quickly assess and excel in potentially dangerous situations. Within months, Thomas's acumen for these operations was noticed and he became a Fast Company Lead Advisor. As one of the youngest Fast Company Lead Advisor's that the USMC ever had, this gave him a great opportunity to showcase his leadership skills, distinguishing himself from his peers early in his career.

    From his successes in Nicaragua and Honduras, Thomas was given the opportunity to train at FBI headquarters in Quantico, Virginia, undergoing Counter-terrorism and Counter-intelligence Training. This rigorous and demanding program is reserved for the USMC's most talented individuals and is used as a breeding ground for its most prestigious postings: roles within Diplomatic Security and Consular Affairs Service of the United States Department of State. Thomas was offered one of these most coveted assignments within the USMC, reserved for the top 1% of Marines. With this assignment came the great responsibility to protect the United States' ambassadors and embassies around the world. During this time, Thomas was stationed at US Embassies throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

    After six years with the USMC, Thomas leveraged his international experience with his military background to create an international security company typically sought out by high-profile business and entertainment individuals in New York City, Washington, D.C., London, Tokyo, and Monaco. This gave him the opportunity to hone his finance skills, as a business owner, while also developing his international network and maintaining the irreplaceable skillset provided to him by the USMC.

    Ultimately, his passion for business was recognized and he was given the opportunity to become Senior Vice President of The Emirate-Saudi Group of Dubai. During his five years there, he worked with titans of industry and political leaders, further expanding his personal and professional network in the Middle East and later worked as an Investment Counsel for Merrill Lynch. In these roles, Thomas began to realize his talent for raising capital and bringing parties together towards a common financial goal.

    Seeking to leverage his international connections and fill a void he saw in the market, Thomas formed Levant Suez Consulting (LSC) in 2001 as an international venture focusing in the Middle East. One of LSC's first projects was to create a world-class training facility in Baghdad. As nothing remotely similar existed, it was promptly noticed by significant military entities around the globe. Immediately, Iraqi Airways and the Iraqi military began training their pilots in this new state-of-the-art facility, along with many other smaller yet regionally prominent defense companies. Within a couple of years, serious financial offers were being made by some of the biggest military contracting companies around the globe hoping to take advantage of the market that LSC had carefully carved out by leveraging its regional contacts, with an ultimate sale to a military-oriented US-based Fortune 100 company. As anticipated, this relationship has led to many great opportunities for LSC overt he last ten years.

    Since LSC's inception more than a decade ago, LSC has been involved in dozens of projects spanning the globe in a variety of industries and in almost every country in the Middle East raising well over $2B USD to finance international projects for some of the world's most prominent businessmen and start-up companies. As a registered United States government contractor and foreign agent, some of Thomas's areas of expertise include:

    • Government consulting (previous clients have included members of the royal families of Kuwait, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia as well as the governments of Burundi, Libya, & Serbia);
    • Developing emerging technologies and IP with commercial potential;
    • Conducting high-level introductory meetings in new countries for top-tier European and Asian businessmen expanding the geographic regions in which they plan to conduct business;
    • Acquiring commercial real estate for development in the Middle East;
    • Trading and brokering petroleum from the Middle East to global buyers;
    • Identifying lucrative gaps in developing countries' markets, finding investors and creating companies to fulfill those needs;
    • Securing start-up capital for new businesses through strategic partnerships with Middle Eastern fund managers;

    With an ever-expanding portfolio, LSC is currently acquiring an oil refinery in south Texas and opening an office in Benghazi to rebuild the oil and gas sector as well as the infrastructure in Libya.

    In addition to his work with LSC, Thomas owns a film company based in Los Angeles and is currently working on two major film projects. He is also on the Board of Directors of Growth Capital Group and Omni Broadcasting Network Holdings.

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